Inspections and Testing to be performed by D & L Quality Painting, Inc.

1. All preparations and coating procedures, along with D & L 's inspection and testing, shall be subject to continuous inspections by the owner's inspector.

2. D & L Quality Painting, Inc. shall maintain instruments to test and inspect all steps of surface preparation, coating applications, and the fully cured coatings at the place of work and these instruments shall be available for the owner's use. These instruments shall include:

   A. Air temperature thermometer (0 degree F to 120 degree F)

   B. Surface temperature (0 degree F to 250 degree F minimum)

   C. Sling psychrometer (30 degree F to 110 degree F or continuous recording hydrometer)

   D. Pictorial surface preparation standards (SSPC-Vis. 1)

   E. Surface profile comparator (Test-Tex replica tape with micrometer minimum requirement)

   F. Magnifier (5X)

   G. Flashlight

   H. Wet film thickness gauge (.05 to 20 mils requirement)

   I. Magnetic dry film thickness gauge (Type 1 magnetic pull-off gauge minimum requirement)

3. D & L Quality Painting, Inc. shall perform the following inspection and testing:

   1. Surface Preparation

      A. Confirm the blast quality by comparing the blasted surface using a surface profile comparator (Test-Tex replica tape with micrometer minimum requirement)

      B. Conduct regular equipment inspections per shift to maintain oil and water separations

      C. Inspect all blasted surfaces before applications of coating.

      D. Visually check for flash rusting. If rusting is detected, surfaces shall be reblasted until no rusting is apparent

   4. Handling Application of Coating

      A. Check each coating material shipment for acceptable condition of the containers and packages. Insure manufacture date does not extend beyond shelf life.

      B. Check spray equipment daily for correct air pressure, cleanliness of agitators, hoses, and p along with correct size of tips and air caps.

      C. Check continuously coating mix proportions and agitators and that specified pot life limitations are not exceeded.

      D. Check dry film thickness on steel with elcometer or mikrotest thickness gauge in Accordance with (SSPC PA2)

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